BetterLesson Coaching has been a really transformational program that has supported me and challenged me in changing the way that I teach. The resources are boundless, and the support is as well.
Sean Lindsey
Teacher, Nations Ford Elementary School, Charlotte, NC
Personalized Learning
I wanted to empower students to first take ownership of their learning and then to realize that they can be successful at Math. Since working with my BetterLesson coach, my students are completing a fully digital, self-paced Math curriculum that I developed, and are engaged in collaborative PBLs throughout the year.
Krystal Bankston
8th Grade Math and Algebra I, Teacher, Ooltewah Middle School, Ooltewah, TN
Culturally Responsive Teaching
Discussions with my BetterLesson coach really taught me how to not only reflect upon my teaching at a much deeper level but also how to then further implement different lessons that would build upon those reflections. To have feedback and direction from a different perspective was such a powerful tool for me.
Dana Durado
7th Grade ELA/Social Studies Teacher, Diamond View Middle School, Susanville, CA
Instructional Leaders
My BetterLesson coach introduced me to accountable talk. The impact this strategy had in my classroom was still being felt a couple of years later. The students from my math class retained and used their skills as speakers and listeners and applied this to their other classes. The 8th-grade teachers were so surprised when they posed a question and the students began speaking about the topic using the strategies taught to them in 6th grade.
Michelle Scade
Instructional Coach, Woodridge School District 68, Woodridge, IL
Personalized Learning
My BetterLesson coach encouraged me constantly and helped me work through setbacks on a regular basis. Her encouragement and positive outlook, as well as her understanding of real-world conditions for teachers, helped me to be more confident in my own classroom.
Debby Penny
6th Grade Science Teacher, Skyview Middle School, Colorado Springs, CO
of Teachers
who participated in traditional professional development during the past year report that it was useful or effective.
(Darling-Hammond et al., 2009)

Most professional development operates under the flawed theory that the barrier to change is a knowledge gap. The research finds it is actually an implementation gap. (Gulamhussein, 2013)

Teachers need more than knowledge and resources in order to change their practice. To truly build capacity, they need competencies, resources and motivation in concert. (Fullan, 2010)

of Educators
Rate BetterLesson coaching as highly personalized to their needs and the needs of their students.
(BetterLesson Spring '17 Teacher Survey)

Educators coached by BetterLesson love the way the program is tailored to the challenges faced in their classrooms. Our approach to personalized professional development allows teachers to experience the shifts required to deliver personalized learning to their students.

Teachers choose an area of focus and the resources that seem most resonant. Our caring and competent coaches guide them through the trial, measurement, and reflection stages that create real impact for students. With BetterLesson, engaged teachers implement and master new teaching practices.

BetterLesson’s Capacity Builders

Our coaches are the best in the field. Let their years of experience facilitating personalized and continuous learning for adults build capacity in your district.
All veteran teachers with an average 12+ years experience
Proven track record of school and district coaching experience
Highly selective: 4% acceptance rate
Content and growth mindset experts
Coaches help teachers and district coaches set ambitious goals and assist them through the thinking, planning and implementing process.

The BetterLesson Lab

Educators spend most of their time at school in a state of cognitive overload. 'Show and Tell' workshops are no longer enough. We need an effective way for teachers to get the time and repetitions required with a new concept to ensure we are truly building capacity.

The BetterLesson Lab organizes competencies and strategies into a Try-Measure-Learn process that turns professional development into experiential learning.

The Lab Helps Teachers:

  1. Set a clear goal on a measurable outcome.
  2. Collect baseline data.
  3. Try innovative and research and practice-based strategies.
  4. Collect evidence of efforts and measure progress toward goals.
  5. Review, reflect and course correct.

The work facilitated by the Lab can be accessed by the teacher and administrative dashboards. At the end of the program, the evidence captured by the Lab is compiled into a portfolio of teacher and student growth.

BetterLesson Case Studies

TN DOE Blended Learning Implementation Gains Speed with BetterLesson Coaching
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Manassas City Schools Build Learner-Centered Instruction with BetterLesson
The AVI CHAI Foundation Personalizes Learning with BetterLesson Coaching

Exceptional Demonstration of Value

We are committed to providing solutions that truly move the needle for teachers and students. Our process prioritizes collecting evidence of impact through a variety of metrics:

  • Teacher Survey Data.
  • Video and Photo Artifacts.
  • Student Growth Indicators.
  • Observed Behavior Change.

Our Partner Success Managers actively monitor cohort progress and work with you to ensure continued alignment with vision and progress towards goals.

School District Partners
Students Impacted
Growth on Critical Student Outcomes
New Strategies Tried by Teachers

The Science Behind BetterLesson

Learn about the research basis that supports personalized professional development and how it informed the design of BetterLesson Coaching.