Through our PD Programs, our free lesson plans, and anything else we might offer -- BetterLesson brings educators the professional learning they need to prepare students for a rapidly evolving world.

Whether you are looking for a strategy to engage your students tomorrow or for support to roll out a new district-wide initiative, we are here to help deepen the practice of teaching so that your students can reach their greatest potential.

Meet the BetterLesson Team

Beverly Ross Denny

Vice President, Business Operations

Steve Sandak

Vice President, Growth Operations

Bill Whitebone

Senior Vice President, Services

Elizabeth Brown

Vice President, Product Success

Grejdi Gjura

Vice President, Engineering

Alex Grodd

Co-Founder & CEO

Jenna Keaney

Vice President, Coaching

Jeff Liberty

Senior Vice President, Innovation

Erin Osborn

Co-Founder & COO

Ed Rayner

Chief Financial Officer

Jacin Suskin

Director of Partnership

Nivia Claussen

Director of Partnership

Brian Roy

Director of Partnerships

Annette Rodriguez

Director of Sales & Partnerships

Racquel Muir

Marketing Lead Generation Specialist

Alice Lin

Director of Marketing

Laura Boothroyd

Director of Partnerships and Partnership Strategy

Okello Carter

Partner Success Manager

Seth Cohen

Head of Partner Success

Abbey Goldstein Moss

Director, Partner Success

Morgan Joseph

Manager, Product Marketing & Sales Enablement

Lauren Latto

Partner Success Manager

Sherry MacBury

Director of Partnerships, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA, WV

Nicki Nardella

Partner Success Manager

Andy Pankin

Manager, Growth Team Data

Tina Lu

Partner Success Manager

Chris Etchechury

Partnership Development Representative

Katya Rucker

Strategic Manager, Partner Development

Hannah Larkin

Senior Director, Learning and Instructional Content

Krystal Bankston

Blended Learning Instructional Coach

Nicholas Matthew

Manager, Data Services

Laura Cruz

Instructional Coach

Jessi Anderson

Instructional Coach

Cheryl Belknap

Instructional Coach

Romain Bertrand

Instructional Coach

Martha Buck

Senior Manager, Data Insights

Chris DeWald

Instructional Coach

Natalee Hawks

Instructional Coach

Kelly Kennefick

Instructional Coach

Ben Leddy

Product Manager

Valerie Librizzi

Instructional Coach

Julie Mason

Instructional Coach

Juan Matos

Instructional Coach

Afrika Mills

Instructional Coach

Daniel Guerrero

Instructional Coach

Monica Washington

Instructional Coach

Sarah Cheng

Senior Software Engineer

Noelle Domeniconi

Sr. Manager, Business Operations

Kiva Leibowitz

Manager, People & Culture

Rams Montero


Matthew O'Gorman

Senior Software Engineer

Annalisa Oswald

Creative Director, Experience Design

Chris Antreasian

Software Engineer

Elvin Badalov

Technical Project Manager

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