The Key Elements of a Learner-Centered Practice

We began with the end in mind. Our driving question was “How do we help spread what is working for master teachers and early adopters making shifts to their practice?” So, we asked our expert educators to decode the common elements that exist in the best learner-centered classrooms around the world. We’ve defined them and created our coaching curriculum around them.

Collaborative Classroom Culture
Culturally Responsive Learning
Student Agency and Ownership
Real World, Relevant Tasks
Continuous Feedback Loops

The BetterLesson Formula

With the core competencies defined, we created a formula that provides the resources and motivation required to create real practice change.
A Learn-By-Doing Process Ensures Impact

Whether your educators will be working with us for a few weeks, a semester, or a full school year, our classroom-embedded approach ensures that you’ll get the most out of your investment in building instructional capacity.

Teachers select meaningful goals to work on and select strategies that are relevant to their classroom. From there, they practice new skills and watch how the strategies they’ve selected impact student success.

Teachers actively participate in and make sense of each new practice. Once they see their students succeeding, they change their beliefs. Once they change their beliefs, permanent shifts occur.

An Expert Coach Guides and Encourages

It takes focus, motivation, and guidance to make real change. We’ve hired and trained the best instructional coaches in the business to support your educators each step of the way.

Teachers get one-on-one attention on a regular bi-weekly basis via video conference. Coaches help with everything from goal and strategy selection, to mindset shifts and regular feedback on progress. They become a critical part of each teacher’s growth.

In addition, district leaders get matched with a Partnership Success Consultant, expert in helping administrators and instructional leaders get the most out of their investment in capacity building.

A Learning Lab Embeds PD in the Classroom

Each teacher in a Coaching Program gets a license to the BetterLesson Lab.
This is an app that teachers will use to plan, experience, and reflect on their professional learning goals. The Lab allows teachers to:

  • Select from hundreds of curated strategies that align with the elements of practice they are focused on.
  • Understand how other educators have implemented the strategy and determine how it might be used with their students.
  • Collect and share proof points of the strategy in action, how students performed, where they started and where they ended.
  • Reflect on progress and track growth alone, with their coach and with district staff.

Find Out How BetterLesson Coaching Can Work with Your District

BetterLesson is the leader in personalized professional development. We work with partners to determine capacity building goals and create customized programs around them -- all with a goal of changing teacher practice and improving student performance.