BetterLesson Coaching for Teachers
We help teachers feel more confident, resourceful and able to personalize instruction.
BetterLesson Coaching for Instructional Coaches
We help school and district coaches become skilled facilitators of continuous learning.

Programs Designed to Change Practice

BetterLesson Coaching combines our learn-by-doing methodology with the right coaching frequency to create real change. Coaches collaborate with educators to ensure a focus on a manageable set of outcomes during a program -- regardless of duration.
Investing in Transformational Change
When your district vision includes big shifts, investing in a full year (or semester long) coaching program for your educators ensures they’ll get the time and repetitions they need to build the instructional capacity. Educators meet with coaches virtually on a bi-weekly basis starting at the beginning of the year or semester.
Full Year: 16 Sessions | 4 Outcomes
Semester: 8 Sessions | 2 Outcomes
Investing in a Targeted Shift
There may also be times where you just need to bring your team up to speed on a single concept or method. BetterLesson Coaching can also be used to personalize professional learning for a group on a single outcome over a period of 8 weeks. Educators meet with coaches virtually on a bi-weekly basis, beginning at any point during the year.
8 weeks: 4 Sessions | 1 Outcome

Competencies, Resources and Motivation Bundled Right In

Each BetterLesson Coaching program comes with:
Dedicated Coach.
Dedicated Coach.
Bi-Weekly Virtual Sessions.
Bi-Weekly Virtual Sessions.
Outcomes Focus.
Outcomes Focus.
Ongoing access to the BetterLesson Lab.
Ongoing access to the BetterLesson Lab.
Unlimited Support.
Unlimited Support.

A Simple Approach That Creates Real Change

Whether you wish to build capacity in one of the elements of a learner-centered system or your goal is depth in each of them, BetterLesson Coaching works the same.
Teachers Get Matched with the Perfect Coach and Meet Virtually on a Regular Basis.
Teachers Focus on Goals That Are Meaningful in Their Classrooms.
Teachers Try Strategies and Learn What Works. Instructional Practices Evolve.

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Personalized Learning on a Continuum

Connect with the Partnership Team

Our Partnership Directors will help you create the capacity building plan to achieve your vision.
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Katya Rucker
Strategic Manager, Partner Development
I don't believe there is such a thing as an average learner, an average student, or an average human. Just like student learning, professional learning should be personalized to the needs of every teacher. At BetterLesson, I love developing partnerships that make this possible.

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