BetterLesson Coaching is classroom embedded, learn-by-doing professional development that teachers ❤️.
Our focus on practice change creates real impact for students and classrooms.

of Teachers
say BetterLesson Coaching had a positive impact on student outcomes.
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report that teachers who received BetterLesson Coaching improved their practice.
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would recommend BetterLesson Coaching to colleagues.

Personalized Professional Development

BetterLesson was designed to change practice. Our unique formula allows us to bring you high-quality coaching, proven instructional strategies, and a method to ensure strategies get implemented- all in a way that is personalized to the needs of your teachers and students.
Virtual Coaching
Guidance from the best instructional coaches in the business to ensure growth.
Learn-by-Doing Experience
Highly personalized PD with a focus on classroom implementation & reflection.
Professional Learning Lab
Embeds PD into daily practice through our app featuring 1000s of proven instructional strategies and best practices as well as ways to track the impact of student and instructor growth.
Practice Change
Educators implement instructional strategies & master skills that create a more learner-centered practice.

Customized to the Needs of Your District

Shifting to Personalized Learning?
BetterLesson Coaching accelerates a district's timeline from adoption to implementation.
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Shifting to Personalized Learning?

We focus professional learning on key shifts to instructional practice like:

  • Using data driven decision making to drive instruction.
  • Supporting students to work effectively and productively in collaborative groups.
  • Supporting students to set personalized learning objectives and measure progress towards those goals.
  • Supporting students to seek out and persevere with challenging tasks.
  • Supporting students to self-assess and master skills at their own pace.
Prioritizing Culturally Responsive Learning?
BetterLesson Coaching builds district capacity to support the achievement of all students in our increasingly diverse schools.
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Prioritizing Culturally Responsive Learning?

We focus professional learning on key shifts to instructional practice like:

  • Supporting rigorous learning by skillfully differentiating for all students.
  • Demonstrating awareness, understanding and appreciation of students’ cultural backgrounds.
  • Engaging in effective partnerships with caregivers and community stakeholders.
  • Supporting students to become socially and politically conscious and take action against injustice.
Want to Supercharge Your District Coaches?
BetterLesson Coaching can help your instructional coaches and leaders become skilled facilitators of personalized, continuous learning for adults.
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Want to Supercharge Your District Coaches?

We focus professional learning on key shifts to instructional practice like:

  • Implementing a system of frequent, low-stakes observations.
  • Giving teachers focused, actionable feedback on their practice.
  • Supporting teachers to try strategies and make progress toward specific outcomes.
  • Empowering teachers to share evidence of their growth toward mastery of the outcomes.
  • Supporting teachers to reflect on their successes and failures in the growth process.
Looking to Empower Early Career Teachers?
BetterLesson Coaching helps new teachers get their students to achieve on a level equal to or above veteran teachers.
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Looking to Empower Early Career Teachers?

We focus professional learning on key shifts to instructional practice like:

  • Developing and maintaining a safe physical and intellectual learning space.
  • Supporting students to participate in the classroom community with care and respect.
  • Supporting students to develop and reflect on learning goals.
  • Cultivating a growth mindset in all students.
  • Implementing frequent checks for understanding.
Statewide Blended Learning Implementation
"Teachers feel supported in trying new things that they wouldn't have tried without BetterLesson's support. Teachers are more thoughtful due to the reflection built into the cycle. And, our veteran teachers really appreciate it as they are often the ones providing support to others."
Adriana Harrington
Director of Project Management, Consolidated Planning and Monitoring at Tennessee Department of Education, Tennessee Department of Education
Empowering Early Career Teachers in Wayland-Cohocton
"A missing component to our new teacher mentoring program was instructional coaching. BetterLesson filled that void for us and at the highest quality."
Mike Wetherbee
Superintendent, Wayland-Cohocton Central School District, Wayland, NY
Empowering Early Career Teachers
"The benefits of BetterLesson Coaching are clear. We've seen new teachers who can get their kids to achieve on a level equal to or above educators who have a decade of teaching or more."
Kent Maslin
Principal, Groton Central School District, Groton, NY
Districtwide Implementation of Personalizing Learning
"Our work with BetterLesson aims to provide a professional development experience for our teachers that is personalized, purposeful and sustainable in our digital environment. What I am most impressed with is BetterLesson’s ability to build genuine relationships with our schools. They are providing targeted professional services that match our teacher's needs and district vision for personalized learning. I have found our ongoing partnership to be exactly what our school system needs to promote a 'grow from within' approach."
Dr. Melissa Saunders
Executive Director of Student Achievement, Manassas City Public Schools
Personalizing Learning in Richmond, VA
"My teachers have shared how BetterLesson coaching provided strategies to help students achieve. It is evident that this program is effective from the test results this school year. Working with a large population of ELLs, the teachers implemented strategies suggested by BetterLesson coaches to help the students improve. It is really working. My teachers have stated that BetterLesson Coaching does not take additional time to prepare lessons and the strategies truly enhanced learning and motivated the students to learn."
Linda Sims
Principal, Richmond Public Schools

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